Let the sun kiss my ears

Such a nice day yesterday. Spent some time under the awning in front of my building talking to neighbors. Ding ding ding… ICE CREAM!!! So instead of letting my kids get me one, I strolled over with the group and stood on line. It didn’t seem long maybe 15 minutes? But today I pay, my hands, eyes and face all swollen. Oh and my ears are itching from this rash like crazy. You have to think about what seems like a nothing decision like walk to the corner… I lost a lot and over this and I didn’t even know. My husband even. Who wants to stay in with a tired complainy wife who don’t want to go out on a nice day cause it makes her feel funny. Again I didn’t know whyyyy. Rant sorry

::hugs gently:: I'm sorry hon. I've had similar unhappy encounters with the sun lately, though not so bad as you describe. It still bothers me that I'm growing so sensitive to sunlight. I'm worried about how I'll deal with this summer, since Vegas has such high UV days, and it is unbearably hot. It may have to be an all-indoor summer!

I guess I’m still learning. I am greatful to hear from people like you Ann. Only now with test results in hand can I get family support. I’ve gotten myself a pretty parasol and a fab hat. If it weren’t for you guys. I’d be totally lost. Talencia the sun was my first clue…