Life With Lupus

Latest news...finding the damage


So in July this year, I was positive for sle and the lupus anticoagulant also. After a summer of testing and up to now, I’ve had an echocardiogram, a TEE which sees my heart from the inside. Had to be sedated as they put a tube down your throat. This confirms my mitral valve acting up. Don’t know the decisions towards this finding, yet. To complement this round of testing, today I had a stress test to obtain more info on why I get out of breath so easily.
At this point, I’m waiting to revisit neuphrolgist for a pending kidney biopsy. My creatinine levels are a bit off. All these tests will determine the damage to my organs so far and if they are all related to lupus. I say to myself that I’d be very unlucky then if all of this that seems it’s from lupus, isn’t from it.
All these appointments also included yearly mammogram, eye doctor, plus the coming follow ups. I’m one busy bee these days. Hopefully by year’s end we will have a complete picture of all that lupus has done to my body.