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Hi. … so I was wondering if anyone can help me. I haven’t found a good rheumatologist that I like in my area, and I just had more blood work done in urgent care. Does anyone else have titers that change drastically? Mine can go from 1:80 to 1:160. Always ana positive and homogeneous pattern. … Ben having really bad symptoms lately. Fatigue is killing me, hair is almost gone, horrible pain everywhere, dry skin, and constipated. Please help


Internists work very well right now!


Where are u guys located, I’m in so Cal


Lots of sun to avoid in So Cal…
My titers are all over the place , but my ESR and CRP are always positive … Wouldn’t want me to think I was “ok” lol.
You didn’t say what meds you’re on? I’m only on plaquenil now but if that pain starts coming back I’ll go back on prednisone to control it.
Lots of great docs in So Cal, keep shopping till you find one you like.
Good luck and stay out of the sun!


Hi there yes mine change range often! I can be 1:160 then the next week be 1:640 and so on! I noticed during my higher flare weeks the numbers are higher! I have had them checked several times in the hopes it would one day be negative! so far in 5 years im positive every time! Darn :( I get the terrible aching and pain everywhere too. I feel like a stiff mummy when I wake up! Im only 28 and have three kiddos, so its quite the challenge at times! I live in san Diego and have Kaiser, I have a dr which I totally love! Ive seen 3-4 rheumatologists in the past, and I feel like I finally found one that I can trust! What area are you in? If you are in my area I can give you her name and contact info!


Jessica, I’m in Redlands area. I don’t have kaiser. I’m 28 too and have 2 kids. Do any of your other labside show positive


I was wandering why does the bone get so brittle


What is esr and crp


Hi, where do you live in So.Cal? I live in San Diego. Let me know if I can help with doctors.

Hope you feel better soon.


U need to go to a holisticdoctor insurance pays!