Kidney test results confusin

I’ve was diagnosed with SLE 11 years ago. I hardly ever read my blood test results as my doctor discusses them with me. I always have problems with hypothyroidism so always trying to get that corrected. However my last blood test they took a lot more vials of blood. The doctor is between receptionist/nurse so my blood test came to my home. The kidney portion had been circled and flagged it showed my GFR is 48 and my creatinine serum is 1.16. Of course my thyroid is still messed up just can never get that hormone to stay in my body.
When I asked my doctor if I need to see a kidney doc ? If these test result show I have the start of kidney damage and he said, "no, not worried about those. They look fine"
Needless to say I googled those numbers and found it indicates kidney damage and I should seek kidney specialist. My question is, does anyone know if these test results should be followed up on? Are they indicative of kidney disease?

A creatinine of 1.1 is really still in the normal/borderline range and is your prime indicator of kidney function Blood test results will vary somewhat even with people with normal kidneys. I do have kidney disease and would be thrilled to have a cr of 1.1