Kidney issues with Lupus

Hello everyone...I just wanted to see if anyone else has had any issues with kidney stones, kidney infections...?

I have had 4 UTI's in the last year and constant yeast infections...I also get thrush in my mouth often.

Now I have been sick for 2 the point where I almost had sepsis, because of 2 kidney stones that were in the way of the opening to my left kidney....was backing up infection....had a fever all day and thought that I was not going to make it. Was in the hospital twice....placed one stent to drain infection and now I have another to make sure all of the infection is drained and gone. When the doctor went in to grab the 2 stones out..he said that they felt more like tissue than stones.... I go back next week to have this stent removed...I just wonder how much of this might be lupus related?

Bless your heart....prayers for comfort and healing are with you!

I have frequent UTIs and yeast infections, too, and they just found a 4mm stone in my right accident. They ran a CT scan for something else and the stone showed up. It is still in the kidney and we are watching it for now.

The UTIs and yeast are driving me crazy right now...I can't control them and they must be related to the steroids I'm taking for SLE. I get infections all over the place.



I went through this last summer. In my case it turned out to be a reaction to the cyclosporine my rheumy had put me on. He insisted that it could not be this medication. But the ER urologist and my second opinion rheumy said it definitely was! My advice is to look through your meds and see if this is a common reaction, not allergic reaction.

I take potassium citrate every day , because I can’t seem to keep pH normal was running at 5, I also have Interstial Cystisis, so chronic UTIs also having been having hyline casts in urine which I’m leaking protein from kidneys. Need to go to urologist but haven’t had the extra money have been wondering if Lupus is affecting my kidneys now

Is potassium citrate over the counter or do you need a prescription for it?


I have had so many UTI's last year so far this year I haven't had any....nor have I had kidney stones, but I have had Jaw stones....I never knew about them till I got them....boy was I in first I thought it was TMJ ...nope Stones.....they woke me up out of a sound sleep...and my pain medication I take for the normal pain of SLE...would not even touch it must be about the same pain as kidney stones...Anyway....good luck girl...