Kenalog injections? Anyone?

Hi everyone … FIRST WANT TO SAY THANKS TO EVERYONE HERE FOR ALL YOUR STRENGTH AND INSIGHT !! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hope u all rest when your body and mind scream to, stress and inflamation ahead ughh :wink:
ANYWAY… My question is this , Has anyone gotten any Kenalog Injections or shots from their rheumy or other docs? I have gotten half a dose 3 times now in the last 7 months or so and I just wondered how everyone else does with it if anyone gets them? I guess they help me after a couple days but doesntlast at all ;)is it pretty common for them to be giving us these shots or what?

I have had several kenalog shots it takes a few days to take effect There reaches a time with arthritis that the joint damage is such that the shots won't take care of the problem and its time to move to another solution

I got these over the summer to clear up a nasty sle rash, they worked great for awhile for the rash, but like always the effects were short lived.

Thanks everyone for responding :slight_smile: im hoping it will kick in 100% in the next 24 hours or so… PLEASE KEEP THE RESPONSES COMING … I could use the extra input on this :wink:

No, but my body hurts so bad at this point, has anybody been on humaria? I never been on it, waiting on my insurance to ok , it’s been 3 wks now, I’ve heard it was great then I heard it wasn’t, scared but at this point n serve pain.

I’ve been getting benlysta infusions since April. I’ve had less flares w a bit more energy. I get flares but they aren’t as bad or as long. Insurance plans don’t cover this very expensive med but I was able to get it on their formulary