Just saw the lupus check ad on television


Made me cry

We are finally getting the word out!


I saw it also and thought "WOW" that's the first time I've seen anything about Lupus.....

Wow, impressive that they think there are enough people out there with lupus that they think this ad would be worthwhile. We DO put on our masks, but I stopped sharing every symptom with my Dr. because very few are aware of any symptoms other than the most basic ones for diagnosis, and I was getting called a complainer with worries about pains that didn't exist, so I decided to hush up about symptoms that probably will be ignored or insulted anyway.

While I’m glad lupus finally has a commercial, i hate this one. It is unsympathetic toward lupus patients, doesn’t do anything to educate the public, and makes me as a lupus patient feel like even more of an ugly broken freak than i already feel. The actress and her mask are scary looking and freak me out. Makes lupus patients look inconsequential and invisible even more than we are treated. And the checklist it leads to? It’s terrible. Sorry, but I’ve just about had it with this disease and even more so the people who blow off its severity. This ad just seems to perpetuate all that garbage IMHO. My two cents.

I must say that I agree with LoneWolf. While it mentions lupus, it is primarily about taking a checklist with you to go over with you doctor. NO WHERE in this commercial does it actually mention what lupus is, who it strikes, symptoms, etc. Unless you already have a diagnosis it is less than useless.

It could say if you are beginning to experience a..b..c.., etc. than you should speak with you doctor. I have a smaller checklist that I pick up at every doc visit which it just as effective. Again, as LW stated it does NOTHING to educated the populace, not to mention there is no way I could do half of what this woman does, i.e. walking to bus stop, walking to doc, and even having to strength to pull open a door that heavy. I wish we were all capable of that, but unfortunately most of us are not.

Sorry to be so blunt, but this is a place to say what you feel.


This ad was not for lupus awareness. It was aimed at people who already have lupus, who already know what it is, but who don't share all their symptoms, which could save them from organ damage or debilitating conditions.

Thank you, DeAnne. You articulate many valid points. Glad I’m not the only one who is upset by this commercial.

I agree with you Sheila. You need to let your rheumy know ALL YOUR SYMPTOMS. That doesn't mean your complaining, If your rheumy doesn't seem interested find another one. It's what you go there for in the first place. There's no sense going to the dr if you don't tell him/her what is bothering you. I try not to complain (to friends and family).

Stay positive