Joint pain

I am still new to this diagnosis though I have symptoms for years. I am hoping maybe you all could help me with something that is confusing me. I am having severe hip pain. It has caused me to start using a cane but other than the joint pain, I feel better than I have in a long time. With lupus, can you have joint pain without a flare?

I have joint pain all the time. So I am not sure of the answer. Then again my dr says my lupus is always active (from blood tests). I too am having hip pain in addition to most other joints but hip and knee are the worse. I have taken high doses of steroids for most of the past year. Finally off. My knee and hip pain has become severe at rest and while on my feet. Worried about avascular necrosis from the steroids. Will see dr soon and will ask.

I also have joint pain all the time, however I do have osteoarthritis which I have had for yrs and it is not related to the lupus. Lupus did though, cause me to now have arthritis in my feet/ankles which I did not have before so that along with my wrists/hands/fingers bothers me all the time. My dr suggests I increase my prednisone but I am trying to wean myself off of it or at least bring it down to a low dose and actually since taking the prednisone, my right wrist has become much worse to the point I am wearing a brace everyday now. So yes we can have pain even with out a flare. I get frustrated sometimes as I'm sure many others feel this way too, it seems meds can help one issue while causing another one so it's a process finding that balance. I'm still new to this as well so still adjusting meds to find my comfort zone. Hang in there you will find it.

Yes! I have had lupus since i was 13, I’m now 33. Rhematoid arthritis came from the lupus. I can’t remember a day without joint pain, even when I am feeling good.

My lupus is inactive according to blood tests and I never had inflammation in my joints, but they hurt like crazy. My hips, knees and back are the worst. But, I went to physical rehab to find stretching exercises that would ease the hip pain and that has kept me from using a cane, I believe. These are great. He designed easy stretches that I can do if I am out grocery shopping and the hip pain is getting unbearable. Good luck sweetie!

Yes, the joint pain is pretty constant. Mine seems to respond best to prednisone, and when I try to wean off it, the joint pain gets worse.

To make things worse my new insurance co. won’t cover Celebrex which I’ve been on for years for osteoarthritis in my knees, so now I can barely walk.

Have yourself tested for Tendenitis and Fibro, I take Gabapentin 600MG for nerve pain along with Oxvcodone. Nerve pain goes along with Lupus and it normally attacks our joints even tho we are not flaring. You may also ask your Rhemu about taking Methotraxate to help reduce your pain also.

Hope this helps

I have hip pain alot. Even when everything else is okay. The heating pad is my friend;)

To NIkki, I had to get off of Celebrex because my blood tests showed that it was reducing my Kidney functions it is known that anti-inflamatory drugs damages your kidneys.