Life With Lupus

Joint Pain in Hands - Out of Options


Hello all! I’m new here, but looking for suggestions. My mom has had lupus for over 30 some years now, but was recently also diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. She is having horrible hand pain, to the point of not being able to do anything. She said its sharp, like it hurts to pull up the sheet on her bed.

I’m trying to see if anyone has any ideas for medications/home therapies/things that make it easier.
They want her to try methotrexate or Arava, but she has had meningitis before, and theres a risk for it with them.

Her rheumatologist literally told her he is out of any other options, to the point that they may risk the meningitis again to get her some relief.
Just trying to see what has worked for other folks before!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey there! We have a wonderful site for Psoiatic Arthritis at http://www.livingwithpsoriaticarthritis.org, you and your mom should check it out as well. It is a great resource and the community is very welcoming.


due to sle i had severe pain. not just in hands but all the joints. so severe that i couldn’t lift a spoon or chew a piece of bread. my rhumy started methoterexate and i did improve. usually docs use this as the last resort. things are definitely not easy in your situation, but i assume the docs are really out of options. i can not suggest you anything but i can share my experience with methoteraxate.
stay strong and never loose hope. warm hugs.