Went to jefferson yesterday after no help from current rhuematologists… pray for me to get help if I keep getting blue/ purple like this I’m afraid I’m going to damage my kidneys or something… hopefully bloodwork shows, I always panic about bloodwork cause labs are open 11-3 and I usually get the sickest at night… ultimately I just want help.

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What country or state are you at? You need a good reumy to be able to know whats wrong, take the rightrigjt meds, etc. Ir años seems like you’re flying solo on this.

Take care. Good luck!

Thanks just got my bw… pretty sad nothing came up except a one point lower c4 and a mcv that was one higher… wish something would show! I live in P.A

I live in Massachusetts and it is the best place to be if you are sick. Most hospitals hire Harvard grads and from other great colleges around here. There are tons of physicians, I feel lucky on that part. It took years to finally get my diagnosis, and I know how you must feel not having a definite answer.
If you are getting purple marks with no reason to, you could definitely have a blood disorder. Don’t give up until they call a condition by a name. These things are not easy to catch and diagnose, but you’re on the right track. GET NEW DOCTORS, PCP, RHEUMATOLOGIST. Do whatever it takes, but don’t give up.


Thanks your the best I’m confused tho because do u think gods even gonna give me results or help?? Massachusetts is really cold I feel bad for u for that though

Hi @janelle,
You’re turning blue/purple? I have had lupus for decades and I get that, and have had different diagnosis. Where do you turn blue/purple? Hands? Face? Lips? Skin? Maybe I can suggest what my diagnosis’ were for each area and you can suggest it to your next Dr. Doctors don’t like to be told what your diagnosis is, so tactfully ask if X or Y could be a possibility and let him do the testing.

If hands, consider Raynaud’s syndrome or if hands and feet, erythromelalgia. If lips, face, nails or fingertips, consider low oxygen (hypoxia or hypoxemia, same condition) if big bruises on skin, I get that a lot. They are bruises that come from internally, blood vessels breaking from inflammation inside, and my bruises start small then get bigger and bigger without any injury. If it’s a dark purple rash on your skin, consider purpura rash. If it’s blue veins showing all over your skin, consider a heart issue.

Lupus is so strange, it causes so many different symptoms and mimics many different illnesses, so after a few decades with this, you learn about a lot of symptoms and conditions.

I will pray that you find a Dr. that you are happy with who will know what’s going on. I have had so many prayers answered, I do believe it works. So sorry you have to travel in this cold!

Wow you were very helpful yeah my nose feet and cheeks get purple and it’s very painful sometimes it doesn’t even have to be cold cold it’s like loss of circulation but I went to 4 diff cardiologists. I’m going to one more this my at university of penn then that’s it… I’d rather accept the pain then keep going through it… thanks so much your very educated