Jaccoud Arthropathy and Corrective Surgery

Hi everyone!

Here I am asking for some help, again :)

Does anyone has SLE with Jaccoud Arthropathy and has been under corrective surgery to fix deformities in their hands???

I need to know about it because there is a girl who wants to take this surgery, but is not sure if it really works, but she has a lot, I mean A LOT of pain right now on her hands, so she is seeing with her doc this posibility.

Thanks again!

Gonzalo, from Chile!

Hello Gonzalo,

As you know i have SLE and osteoarthritis but not to the extent where my fingers need surgery but someone will answer in due course as you know.

Here's information about it though if that will help besides.


Video on the condition of the hands



Thank you Teri!

At first I dint'd know what Jaccoud's Arthropathy, but as I told, a girl who I know has it so I read a few and I get some info.

The video you post is totally enlightening, that's how the fingers turn with JA.

Thanks for your links :)

Hello Gonzalo,

Your welcome anytime and i do feel sorry for that girl especially if she's young what a way to be but if she takes the operation i do hope it works out.

I hunted also for a video on an operation also but could'nt find nothing.

Takecare Terri xx