It's a penguicula and episcleritis!

Went to eye dr today. The growth is a penguicula. She said the redness and the pain is from episcleritis…inflammation in the eye. She said it’s seen more in SLE and RA. She rx’d antiinflammatory eye drops and come back in 2 wks. Anyone else have this?

No but the medical names are great aren't they?

Best wishes to you on a serious note. Sorry I cant offer anything constructive. Kaz x

No, but I hope it gets better soon. Glad you found out!

Wow, new to me, and i have a lot of friends with lupus eye problems. Hope your meds help!

Since being on CellCept over 8 years now I have had an increase in eye infections in that time period. The general family dr. says is pink eye. But my eyes burn and increasingly turn red for hrs or a day and return to normal for no reason. It usually accompanies burning and wanting to avoid the sunlight that increases my symptoms.