It pays to Research and take matters in your own hands!

I am in shock! After BAD experience with my 15yo daughters PCP last week and onset of new concerning symptoms I went online and requested an appointment with a pediatric rhuemy at a well known children’s hospital 2 1/2 hours away. I had all my daughters labs in front of me and in box to list her chief complaint I included every detail! I did this late Thirsday afernoon. They probably wondered who is this woman lol. Anyways, after a seizure like episode at school Friday I took her to this hospitals ER and was told that it took a staff members child 9 months to get an appt I was discouraged. Well, I got an email this afternoon and we have an appointment TOMORROW!!! I am so still in shock. Do your homework fellow lupies and be persistent!!! Gentle hugs and keep those prayers coming for my daughter.

Way to go....

Good for you Amy! I so agree, be proactive, and make noise when you need to. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. I know you will be able to relax some once you know your daughter is getting proper care, and being taken seriously, treated with respect. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes an ER trip, even admission, to get in to see who you need to. My heart is with you as a caregiver, and with your daughter who needs the care. Have been in both positions. Once all is said and done, PLEASE take some time for yourself, do something you enjoy, and de-stress. You guys have been through the wringer lately.



Wow! that's awesome you got an appointment so quickly! Praying your daughter can get some answers.