Life With Lupus

Is this from lupus


my joints and my right shoulder and my hands hurt and ache so bad . i had to go to the er cause my right side of my body wouldnt move . it started with my shoulder hurting really bad into my arm to my hand and went into my neckon my right side. the doc said that when my muscles hurt in my shoulder that it is gettin my neck to pinch in to three places where it is goin to be very painful and not being able to move until it un pinches in the three places this has happened several times before is this a lupus flare


It could be because the inflammation is so great. I went to a back and neck surgeon last year because I hurt so bad. Almost had surgery in both places...the flare went away and the big pain got better. I still take vicodin, but if it gets really bad I take a muscle relaxer in the afternoon and it really helps. That's why lupus is such a mystery disease, so just don't jump into surgery if they want you to. It affects us all differently though so that is my experience. Hugs for you!


Hi Sissy, I am sorry you are feeling so yucky. I am sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts your way that you will be feeling better SOON!!


can relate to this one but would not have known it was from my illness - Connective Tissue Disease, which my doc says resembles Lupus - but I also have Trigeminal Neuralgia on the same side. Mine has become constant at this point but I get Trigger Point Injections, and have to take a lot of heavy duty meds.

I hope you feel better soon, I know how painful this can be.

Cathy In MD


My first symptoms that sent me to the doctor (which eventually ended up with the Lupus diagnosis) was waking up one day and having extreme pain in both arms, wrists and shoulders. Any movement was excruciating. The doctor gave me prednisone which helped ease the pain very quickly. Until I stabilized on Plaquenil i would have the recurring pains in my arms and legs that would put me back on prednisone for relief. I've been off prednisone for almost a year now (Im still on plaquenil) and have some pain in my legs, but it can usually be managed with tylenol and aspirin.


Before my diagnosis for Lupus, I had those symptoms too. After the diagnosis and while taking the meds ( steroid and plaquenil), I still felt the pain especially in my shoulders and upper back. I also felt the numbness and tingling in my legs. So I told my rheumatologist about the symptoms. She told me to see a neurologist. My neurologist felt my back and he told me that he felt the tension in the muscles. He then prescribed me some muscle relaxer and exercise therapy. I tried the muscle relaxer for 2 nights. I don't think my body liked it because I had nightmare for both nights. In the nightmare, I saw people got into car accidents with blood splattering everywhere. So I decided to stop taking the muscle relaxer! lol Not only it gave me nightmare, I felt extremely sluggish and I didn't feel like myself at all. Since the muscle relaxer didn't help, I thought I should sign up for a gym membership. I was hoping that working out would help me in some way. Fortunately, exercise makes a huge difference. The pain level started to reduce to a point I can barely feel it. I feel stronger and energized everyday. A few weeks ago, I went to see my rheumatologist and she seemed very happy to see the result of my blood work. She said that everything seemed to be back to normal. She told me to keep up with the good work because whatever I've been doing is working very well. Besides exercising, I always try to eat alot of fruits, green leaves, and vegetables. I also take vitamin A, vitamin D, biotin, Calcium, and fish oil along with plaquenil. I hope that my information will help someone out there =)


I'm right there with ya. My right side seems to be a big problem for me lately.


Hi Sissy,

I am sorry you are in pain and sending you a hug and some good, positive energy. I had a friend with similar symptoms and she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid vs. Lupus. I am assuming your doctor has done the RA test for you...Hopefully. My friend was put on Prednisone which helped tremendously, but you have to be careful with steroids. Not a good idea to be on them for long periods of time. I agree that muscle relaxers help....maybe get an rx for some Physical Therapy to get you through this tough time.


I am sending you sympathy and hugs. It stinks to hurt this way and it's hard when we are in a grey area where we don't have a diagnosis as to why we hurt so much. Your pain is felt by us too and we hurt for you. I hope you get meaningful answers and treatment.




This is Jennifer n I too was so sore everywhere. I started on chaga a natural mushroom from Burch tree’s. It has helped beyond belief. I could barely walk some days
Try it


I often get pains in my joints. I also have had pains in my shoulder, but that was from the blood clot I had. I usually get bad aches in my knees, and occasionally in my elbows and hands. My rheumatologist increased one of my medicines to help with the pain in my hands because they would ache so bad I couldn't move them. So yes, I do believe this is a lupus flare. I hope you are doing better.


Hi Peace 00
I was happy to see that exercise helped. I keep going by Work out world. I really should join but. I have pulmonary fibrosis and get winded VERY easily. I think exercise help all parts of our disease.