Invitro fertilization and Lupus

Hello ladies .
Does any one went thru invitro fertility treatment wile having lupus or any other auto immune disease ?
If yes can you please share tips or expirions ?
I had 3 miscarriages and I’m loosing hope and also I’m afraid if I will continue it might worsen my health .
The doctors are reassuring me that I will be just fine.But I stopped believe doctors a wile ago because some times they don’t even know them selfs the out come …
Any story will be highly important
Thank you

I did IVF right at the onset of my first flare. It was not successful. I had great quality eggs but low egg retrieval count. I am not sure if my body rejected the eggs due to the flare onset or just not taking. I was not taking medication nor did I know I had lupus at the time of the IVF. I have not tried again due to the expense and insurance in my state is not mandated to cover infertility.

I had two miscarriages before we were blessed with my daughter. I was diagnosed at 18 with Lupus. I was 20 when my daughter was born. I am now 23. I do not know your age but whatever it may be you should know you are not alone. My lupus did complicate my pregnancies and my ability to get pregnant mainly due to the medications used to treat my symptoms and uncontrollable weight loss due to morning sickness. With my daughter we started preparing for the pregnancy 6 months in advance. Honestly the best advice I was given and the best advice that I can give you is to relax and do not lose hope. Miscarriages happen and will happen and for me my miscarriages were harder on me than the actual birth of my daughter.

Don't give up. I had 5 miscarriages altogether - 1 before I had my first child; 3 between my first and second over the course of 3 years. Then I had one more between my second and third. I did use fertility drugs for my second child and I used an aspirin a day in my first two trimester. I repeated the aspirin with my 3rd child. During the second and 3rd full term pregnancies I was monitored with ultrasound and blood work alternating weeks. My children are 32, 27, and 25. Do not give up and keep searching for the right doctor. That's what worked for me plus lots of faith and prayers. We had just about given up hope before I got pregnant with my second child. Doctor's had no idea what to do with lupus then but mine believed in the aspirin regimen. Good luck.

I had IVF and had a wonderful experience! My symptoms went down while I was on the hormones. Then they were able to retrieve eggs! A LOT of eggs!! Double digits, which shocked everyone since I have not been ovulating. The big thing is that the eggs whether being fertilized or frozen go through a lot. So not all of them will make it through the process of fertilization to implantation or freezing. But some will!!