Life With Lupus

Intense itch with no rash


Hello, does anyone have this problem?????

I woke up on this past Sunday with an (intense itch) in the center area of my back, (there is no rash). This is very stressful to me. Monday the itch became worse and my body started to tremble; I could see my arms and legs tremble; I could not hold a cup of water
Tuesday the itch spread to my (entire) back.

I took Benadryl last night and took a hot bath with Averno natural oatmeal bath treatment for relive; it help for a little while. This itch has spread to my top front and back shoulders. I woke up early this morning because I’m still itching. Please help; could this be Pruritus?


Hi, I’m sorry to hear of this new symptom, Bada.

It may be best to run this by your doctor. I think, especially with a new, non-specific symptom like generalized itching, one should avoid speculation. It could be side effect of a medication or any number of things and you want to be certain you’re getting the help you need.

Hope relief comes quickly for you.




I have random itching in random places with no sight of rash or discoloration. Just dont scratch it, take a cool bath hv or shower.


Thsnk turned out to be an allergic reaction to some new meds.


Thank you for update, Bada. I am glad you figured out what was causing the reaction.