Inside of mouth pealing

The inside of my mouth is always pealing, its around the gums and the inside of my cheeks.It just started about a month or so ago. Has anyone else experienced it?

I started to when I got on a new med, asked my doctor and he changed it right away. Said its a possible side effect of some meds.

I’m having the same issue. I went to my doctor and she said it’s a side effect of the meds.

Same. My rheumy said it's prob due to the meds. :-\ Good luck.

My wife brought me something (a supplement) called L-Lysine Im supposed to take it everyday but I don't...its for sores in mouth and stuff....I do take it when I do get a little scaby taste in my mouth and believe me it goes right away..taking it everyday should prevent it but like all of you who needs another pill to take everyday.... good luck

OH yes I remember them well. I couldn''t eat crackers or chips or anything acid. I have been on plaquenil since Dec and haven't hd a mouth sore since except when I had a reaction to doxyclyclin in March. Thank you plaquenil!


I have this and my dentist told me that it was from my Sjogren's. Since I don't have enough saliva to constantly get rid of old cells they tend to build up like a blister. Then it comes out as a stringy slime. Gross, I know.

I have a lot of mouth pain and it is often difficult to chew and speak. I’m on prednisone, plaquenil, and methotrexate. Anyone else have this problem?

I get the peeling, I find it more in the morning. When I wake up its like stringy goop along my cheecks and gums. Gross! No pain with it though, thankfull! I'm on Methotrexate...............will probably change in November as my dr doesn't think its working for me.

I get peeling inside my mouth only if I use toothpaste with mint in it. As long as I don't use mint toothpaste, I'm fine, no peeling. You may be reacting to something.......meds, or some product. Think about what you started that was new about a month ago. You may be able to figure out what it is.

Also, I can use something for a long time and then, seems that all of a sudden, I react badly to it. I keep a daily chart of what I take, especially when starting something new, that way I can look back to see if there is any connection if I develop a problem.

I have the stringing saliva in the mornings with sore gums and my bottom lip is constantly chapped. I have had this years before being diagnosed with lupus, so it isn't medicine related for me.

Thank You For all the replys!! im kind if wondering if its not from my medications… were in the middle of getting doctors closer to Home so when i have my next appointments ill be asking…

I have this happen sometimes when I am in a flare, however I have really bad jaw pain just on the one side of my mouth which has happened a few times now when I am in flares. Does anyone else have these symptoms.

I have peeling in my mouth I have tried bioteen and kids toothpaste and they help just want something to make my mouth fresher ???

Hi, mine mouth don’t peel, but little bumps come, sometimes they are on my bottom lip inside the mouth -I don’t notice them until I bite my lip chewing gum-really hurt so bad , wish they would not come , Living with Lupus is hard at times but we are the chosen one, make the best of it…Beverly L.