Hi everyone!

I am new to this site. I have a question regarding Imuran. My rheumy gave me a script for it. Is anyone here taking it? If so, any side effects when you first started taking it? I also take plaquenil. Any feedback you can give me is greatly appreciated!

I’m taking Imuran. I haven’t had many major issues with it. When I first started taking it I had really bad nausea and random spells of dizziness. My rheum said that it would take some time getting adjusted to it. Aside from that I haven’t had any issues. Hope this helps.


Brittany did you take it after meals? How long did the nausea last? Are you still taking it?

Thanks for your reply!

I’m still on Imuran. I’ve been on Imuran for about a month now. The nausea lasted about 3 or 4 days. It wasn’t constant but I found it would occur about an hour after taking it. For me taking it after meals and taking it at the same time everyday really helps. I don’t have as many problems with nausea.

I took it with plaquenil but felt crappy all of the time and had frequent dizzy spells. My dr took me off of imuran and I feel better than I ever have since being diagnosed! I was on it for 3 years.