Life With Lupus

IBS and Lupus


There is an RX medication called Reglan that the rheumatologist can give you! The bowl track slows when we are effected by lupus. Lupus can also attack the colon as in my case. December 3 of last year I had to have eight inches of my colon removed because of issues with Inflamation and IBS\IBD and Diverticulitis. So please don’t play around with this issues it should be addressed sooner rather than later. I also would throw up for no reason. That is much better now too.

Best of luck.


I think IBS is really common in Lupus. My remedies turned out to be Greek yogurt each morning and a fiber pill. Once in a while if I'm really clogged up, I take about 4 capsules of magnesium citrate. It relaxes your muscles in the bowel and other places, and draws more water into the intestines. For years I couldn't go without the magnesium. That other yogurt meant for IBS, activia, helps too. My Mom has lupus and IBS and she has to take miralax daily. Taking it once a month wouldn't do anything. The newest prescription for constipation is called Linzess. You can ask your Dr. about it, The fewer prescriptions I'm on, the better I feel, so I probably will stick with my routine. I also use Midol or Pamprin for the cramps. The magnesium citrate also help with cramps or other spasms in the body.


Thank you guys so much I will take this advice and use it!
To Grace: Bananas personally are too thick for me and clog me up but I am very sensitive. Sometimes I even throw up after a cup of decaffeinated tea. Also cold drinks or anything cold is harder to digest than room temp or hot beverages at least for me.


I actually eat more bananas to add fiber- helps keep me going Also spinach or other leafy green veges like cabbage, chard, bok choy etc. Once you can get a reasonable routine going you may not have so much trouble with "clogging up" I find cheese of any kind will stop me right up so I avoid like the plague


Have your doc prescribe some Linzess! It works amazingly well.


Linzess is awesome! Also check out herbdoc.com and consider using the bowel detox.


I have a terrible time with constipation and my IBS too, Now I am on two Senna tablets morning and night, but I still don't go everyday, Every other day is the best I can do. Eat more roughage, broccoli, Romaine lettuce and iceberg lettuce too.


Linzess works!


I have digestive issues, although not this severe. I found that eating a few prunes (1-3) daily really helped with constipation. Raisins do too. Two or three of the little boxes of them works wonders. However, I don't know if you can take them while you are on Miralax.


I take the probiotics VSL3. You can get at Costco or online. They aren’t cheap but work! I used to be lucky to have 2 bowel movements in a week. Those combined with magnesium have made a world of difference!


Hi dewing 69
I had 6 inches of my colon removed 15 years ago. I had a blood clot and had suffered from constipation for a few months. Everyone kept telling me it was because I just to put my Mom in a nursing home and my brother was just diagnosed with cancer. I persisted and got a new DR that sent me for an MRI and 3 days later 6 inches of colon was removed No problem any more and that was 11 years before my SLE diagnosis. I hope everyone with IBS or whatever get a colonoscopy.