Life With Lupus

I know it's gross, but white poo anyone?


So, with my health as up and down and generally crazy as it usually is, I tend to just let a lot of my health issues resolve themselves. This one even worried me though. When I turned to flush this morning, the whole of my morning bm was pencil-ridged and without color. No color. Looked like clay? Anyone have this ever? I see online that it can be gallstones or liver issues. Just curious if anyone has experienced. And if so, what it turned out to be?


Could it maybe also be attributed to your diet or what you ate the day before? Or even lacking something in your diet? Just wondering. But I've had light colored bowels but it was like a one and done occasion and never lasted more than a day when it has happened.


Hi could be hepatitis igot this approx. 1985 non diagnosed so likely to be this illness, get your urine checked out if red wine coloured, nausea , no appetite, vomiting etc


Hi, it’s from your liver, it’s not breaking down the food properly and vitamins are wasting away, I have primary billiary scirossis, due to lupus