Life With Lupus

I have so many questions

I was diagnosed with lupus at 14 and life’s been a crazy, eventful ride after that. About 6 months ago i lost all my hair due to alopecia areata that came because of my lupus. I know i have been dealing with this for almost three years now but i still feel lost and confused on what is truey going on. because of everything i had gone through the last few years flew around me and it seemed i stayed locked in the same place. I have a hard time explaining to others how i feel, they usually just tell me i look healthy and even if i am feeling great ive noticed mentally im an egg shell. ive had this for three years now and i feel like i know so little about it… is this just me with lupus?

Hi there gracelynm and welcome!

I don’t have Lupus but I do have another autoimmune disease and have ‘met’ many young people online who are facing similar challenges to you. I get that the sense of isolation can be intense. I also think there’s a very good chance indeed that over time you will get on top of this condition and live a full life despite it.

I hope that other members with similar experiences and information will come along soon. Meanwhile, have you tried the search option to look for other young people with Lupus and particularly informative posts? It might also be a good idea to reply to some recent posts in addition to this thread to share what you have learned along the way and let more people know that you’re here.

It is certainly not just you! There will be many others who face many of the same challenges including understanding this confusing condition.

Take good care of yourself,

All the best,

Christina from Moderator Support