Life With Lupus

I had my disability hearing yesterday


Hmm the judge is wrong to say that… i didnt even know they could do it and lets dace it people with lupus have anxiety because we nwver kbow when were gonna get sick i pray you can find an easy job and supplements for your pain. I take curcumin all thw time . I take 9 of them a day. Its 25 bucks and if its a really bad day u can take with ibprofen. Also im on food stamps to afford to eat an antiinflammatory diwt. If peolle can get help for being addicted to drugs u should be able to get help for lupus. Goodluck!


Thanks for the information. Its hard to know what to do. It really makes me mad that some people can just get disability just like that and they have nothing really wrong with them. Then you take people like us who take 25 pills a day, have surgery every summer to replace a body part and get infusion every 3 weeks to boost the immune system. Eventually I’m going to be the mechanical woman from all the metal in my body. LOL!


Hi TJ, sorry that this happened for you. It is very hard to get the Judge to realize that Lupus is a disease and that we suffer day to day to live normal. Don’t give up on this appeal this and subpoena your doctors along with people /family and friends who has knowledge of your day to day ! Yes fighting for money is hard when you are the one who worked and put it there for this very reason and time . The government don’t care . Appeal, appeal, appeal , oh and get all of your medical records that your doctor has written and send them to social securty ( make copies and do not send the original 's… Best wishes go out to you…Beverly L.


You need a disability attorney. They don’t charge until you win. Apply again with a law firm this time.


Hi All! I just wanted to share the news! I heard from my attorney today, my disability was approved!!! I am beyond relieved! For those of you fighting this fight, don’ t give up! It is a crazy system, in need of repair and the waiting is downright cruel, but we have to fight to see change! Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support. You helped me through a very difficult time :heart:




Way to go! !! Congrats. …Beverly L.


Congratulations, TJ! I'm sorry it took you so long to be approved but at least you are, so you can breath a sigh of relief. You should receive your first check fairly quickly and mine have always come on time, so that's one less worry for you. Good job!!!


I was reading your discussion TJ and was wondering what the outcome would be.
Glad to hear you were approved!
How long did it take from the time you filed to when you were approved?


Congrats, as time goes on hope that someday they (the government ) will see how much they need to pass laws so that there not a disapproval for Lupus or any other disorder illnesses , n help those who seek for help , again Congrats. .Beverly L.


Thank you Beverly! Yes, I agree. while I understand there are a lot of Lupies out there able to work, there are a lot unable to as well. Learning how the system works and that the first two denials are pretty much automatic, makes my heart hurt! It is a far too stressful process.


Thank you J! It took 2 1/2 years. Crazy! It all seems like a blur!

J said:

I was reading your discussion TJ and was wondering what the outcome would be.
Glad to hear you were approved!
How long did it take from the time you filed to when you were approved?


I am so happy for you, It is sad to be nervous about a process and you are actually vulnerable at some points and you have worlds for 32/years and didn’t ask for this but you fight the disease than you fight the system I am doing a reconsideration since being denied ,Some I hear wait longer than others, you put monies into the system and when you are in need, blah blah blah blah blah.


Exactly! I really want to find a way to change the system!


I'm glad you got approved. I found it funny that a judge would "diagnose" you with a disorder that is considered eligible for SSDI and then deny your claim.


Thanks Doggie! Good point!