I guess the dx journey has begun

Went to see my doc this afternoon. Long discussion about menopause, mono, etc. She wants to start ruling out stuff so that we can start figuring out what's happening with me.

I told her about the positive ANA 20 years ago, and she didn't dismiss it. That is a good sign to me that she's really listening to me.

More blood work done today.

Now it's some more wait & see.

Hi Dang I am glad she did not dismiss the ana this can be a long journey. It is so hard to wait but we must take things one day at a time. I am glad you have a doctor that will listen to you.

::hugs tight:: I can relate! Finally got ahold of my rheumy's nurse today in order to get the go-ahead for the methotrexate. They had wanted to check my bloodtest results first, and I know they received them on Monday, and I had been told to call on Tuesday if I hadn't heard from them. I was chicken, so I waited to call on Wed. Forgot, had to call yesterday instead, left a message. Didn't hear back, and Friday was when I meant to take it. Called again on Friday, left another message. Finally heard back in the afternoon and was given the go-ahead to take the stuff. So here it is Saturday morning, and I finally get to take my medicine, rofl. Turns out they'd been short-handed, AND the doc hadn't even seen the results until Friday! ::shrugs:: Ah well, at least I can move on now.

I'm so glad you like your doc. I got lucky on my first attempt at finding a rheumy, because mine listens too, and is particularly interested in getting me pain-free. It's very nice!

Thanks purple and Talencia...I do really like my doc. she's a gp and I seem to have her really confused. She agrees that looking at my blood results, I seem perfectly healthy, other than the diabetes. She doesn't want to jump straight to Lupus and wants to look for other problems...but she doesn't discount the possibiity either. I guess thats a good thing, though.


I hope you get some clairty soon..! Once i started the menopause or mental pause as i call it LOL,it took a while to get through all the blood work etc.If you have a doc who actually listens to you that's have the challenge right there.

Sending you a hug**