I don't see any replies

I am looking through discussions and don't see many replies and i wonder why.

Hello Teri, yes the site is going through a quiet spell at the moment. We see this happen with many of the communities from time to time. And, unfortunately, we are also low on moderator power here too.

People come to our sites looking for help and support, often when they are newly diagnosed, find what they are looking for and maybe get on some helpful treatment regimes and then get back on with their lives until they next need to come back to us.

Please feel free to welcome any new members you see arrive or respond to any posts and see if you can't waken things up a bit.

I'll check back soon and see what else I can do to help.

Thank you for caring about this community.

Kindest, JulesG from ModSupport

I’m glad you posted this. I turned to this site to get support a couple of weeks ago. I was desperate for help and understanding, but alas there was none. I just didn’t want to feel alone. I just deleted my blog post after seeing that no one responded and had intended to never get on this site again. But, people NEED someone to hear them. So, I am going to try to do for others what wasn’t done for me. I’m going to read the blogs, try to encourage or help when I can, and at least click the like button when I can’t to let that person know they are being seen. It doesn’t take much, people. Just any tiny gesture to let people know they aren’t alone.

TJ here. Blogs are not the best way to seek or give support. As we migrate to the new format they will disappear entirely. One other thing I will tell you which may or may not make sense. if you really want support, the best way to get it is to give it. We all need a hand up from time to time for sure. The quickest way to get it is to reach out first. I guarantee you. No matter how low you are if you respond to four or five others, you will feel better. It also starts a trend.

I don't know how new you làdies are to this disease, but one of the problems we have is that people doing well don't need support so don't hang here and forget to pass it forward. Newbies look for some information and pass through. Our regulars are sick, some really sick. (Especially our mods) and not always able to participate.

What can make a difference for everybody are two like you can read and respond to threads and do so. The best way to get support is to give support. I promise it will make a difference for you.

I have been wondering the same thing for months! The interest here now reflects the interest I experience when I tell my doctors, family and friends about the challenges I face day to day.

Well wonder no MORE. of the folks here wondering (with the exception of Stephanie who is new and made some excellent and supportive posts) I think I have an answer. Since last July the folks wondering about lack of posts have made a total of FIVE replies with the exception of this thread. One in July, One in November, One in Feb, One in March, and One in April.

A support forum is what the members make of it. To get support you have to give support. But understanding is also necessary. With Lupus, only the "new" can regularly participate If you don't, not much can happen. As Seenie mentioned we are short on mods here. Not that we don't have any, its just that right now they are so sick, they can't turn on their computers much less use them. Some of the regulars are in the same boat. It takes a lot of effort for them to reply. They are far more likely to reply to those they know. The only way they get to know you is if YOU participate.

I understand that is not always easy for any of us. BUT if we commit ourselves to participate when we can, not just when we have a need, amazing things can happen. So I guess the answer is there aren't any reples because you haven't made any. Why would anyone be interested in YOU if have shown little interest in them? In any event I'm closing this thread. Its served its purpose.