I am new few questions of symptoms

I have something called POTS, and just diagnosed Lupus... I have a few questions regarding my symptoms and don't know if their Lupus related

I feel like I have a low grade fever all the time..... and my face FEELS hot. so does my ears. I do not have a rash or am flushed just feels warm? is this lupus related- been going on for 3 days now, ive also been extremely stressed

Also - I get some red blotchy areas on my arms sometimes...not raised don't itch just there... very small - Lupus related?

I also get a double quarter sized rash on my right belly...... only comes on in the heat/ or after a hot shower...... now is that related too?

and ok this is embarrising can lupus affect your vaginal area? or discharge...... bc yeah that's weird.

I get the low grade fever feeling too, especially when I'm stressed. It's how I know I'm having a flare-up. I get the low-grade fever feeling and super achy.

Not sure about the blotchy areas, I'd have to see them. Is it petichiae? Like a bunch of dark red/purple pin points in clusters? If it does look like petichiae, you'll want to see your doctor because your platelet count could be low.

The heat sensitive rash could just be heat rash. Is it light sensitive? I get heat rash on my belly all the time when it's hot out and when I take hot showers. Try to keep your showers warm and not hot. Some Aveeno Oatmeal soap/bath stuff tends to help me. They have an oatmeal lotion that is good too.

I feel like I've heard that lupus can affect your discharge, but if it has a weird color or odor, definitely see your gyn and get it checked out. It could be an infection or yeast or something. Sometimes the normal bacteria can over-grow and take over and cause weird discharge. Lupus folks are more prone to that over-growth.

Hope this helps!

Yes yeast is not our friend! Watch your food intake. Eat without yeast and take probiotics or eat yogurt or drink kefir Sometimes rashes are platelets low or food intolorences that doctors can’t diagnose. Need to eliminate the 5 major intolorerant food groups one at a time to see if there is any difference in your symptoms. Welcome to the food game! I am gf for years, Recently I found I can’t digest casein after years of body symptom finally found the culprit. Best wishes to you and give it a try, life is better when you find answers!

When i am stressed i get sick…it makes my sugar too low or too high…also my blood pressure goes high…if you find a dark corner for an hour and all this doesnt chill out…go to doctor…a rheumatologist first then your primary…

Being extremely stressed can bring on low grade fevers. I know what you’re talking about - that warm feeling. My face and neck get that way, especially after I get very upset. I take ibuprofen for it and try to de-stress or resolve whatever issue is bothering me which is usually the family, dogs or house. As for your red blotchy areas why don’t you google images for petechia and for livedo reticularis. See if one of those resembles the blotchy areas on your arms. I get livedo reticularis on my upper legs and arms when I’m in the sun. Mine doesn’t itch either. When I get it from the cold or running, it itches. With lupus, women can have problems with yeast overgrowth and infections. There are supplements you can take for that like probiotics, a product called Azo Yeast sold at drugstores and Walmart, and try to avoid sugary snacks which yeast loves. There is a “lupus women only” group on here to discuss issues like yeast/ vaginal issues if you’d like more privacy.

I have the low grade fevers with the hot face and ears on a daily basis for about 3 years now. Have not found a magic cure for this. That being said you are now more susceptible to overlapping diseases. You should mention ALL these things to your rheumy and take pics of anything weird that pops up. My doctor has found these to be a huge help versus me trying to describe them. I will say that I recently started Celebrex which actually kinda helps with the hot face and ears. Does not cure it but seems to help. Good luck!!! You are never alone here.
By the way I have a friend with pots and I think some of what you have going on could be a combo of both diseases?? Either way definitely discuss it all with rheumy :wink:

Hi, there are so many things that could and will irate the skin. Keep watch on the areas that are red-this was something that I myself went though when the rash started in my face,(the butterfly rash). It started as something like little marks only , as time went on ,about the 3 visit to the Lupus doctor ,he goes to say it is getting bad in your face!! What ? I asked him, then he says oh yeah ! I forgot to tell you about the rash!! Ha!ha! I really didn’t find anything to laugh about this horrible rash. But I started taking biotin, and using cortisone for excenzm mixed with Vaseline on my face and viatimeE , which made the rash go totally away. My doctor wanted me to go to the demologist but hay! Who has that kind of Money ? So far it is still working for me and that is what I use on my face every other day…hope this help -if you try it…BeverlyL.

Hi, maybe you are over doing yourself and not relaxing , which can cause your body to stress. Try taking a time out break for a couple of mins. , (20 or 30 mins.) doing nothing then go back to what you were doing, that help me …Beverly L.

Hi Potslupus.

I don't have POTS, but have dysautonomia/autonomic dysfunction (18 years dx). as far back as I can remember, I have gotten the red blotches on different parts of my body, either from stress, emotions, or even sometimes the shower.

I also always "feel" feverish, but my temp is normally about 97 degrees. I suspect this are related to the AD, but seeing that I no longer have a dr that knows anything about dysautonomia, I'm not sure of anything either.