Life With Lupus

How to deal with emotional disturbances

So I was diagnosed in December and my doctor keeps telling me to lower my stress. That stress triggers lupus. And if I walnut you get it under control I need to stress less. Now telling me all this makes me stress so much more. Plus things going on with my children makes me stress an cry a ton. I don’t know how to get all these emotions under control. Can anyone hello me please?

Hey BabyGirlAshlee,
Having children can be stressful for anyone, so you definitely are not alone with those stresses, but adding those stresses to a rare condition, that is nowhere near as common. I would suggest talking to your pcp doctor in regard to what sorts of counselling services maybe available. There maybe parenting groups in your area that may also be of assistance. I’m in Australia and although our services are different I do know that some church based social services offer both individual counselling and family social groups. They can help both with social interaction and networking with other families who may have needed to access community services that are available. They may not have had specifically Lupus as a condition but rather a broader experience in how to access those services that are available. Even in just chatting about the difficulties in being able to manage may give you access to service avenues you hadn’t even thought of.

I worked in community services for many years and although I had a fair knowledge within a specific category for my clients, outside of that client group my knowledge was lacking. I was very much ‘hands on’ with clients technical needs ie I could fix a clients fridge for them or tune in their TV or video but when it came to specific female issues that was outside of my realm. I was fortunate in that I worked in an office full of females, so I could tap into their knowledge and access suggested services to meet my clients needs, but by no means did I know it all and often needed outside assistance to meet those needs.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team