How Pain Makes You Hypersensitive

This article is so interesting, and makes so much sense, explaining how chronic pain makes you even more sensitive to pain, noise, emotions, light, sensations. It's called sensitization. For months I have been SO hard on myself, telling myself to quit being such a baby about my pain, but now I see that my/our smaller pains are probably more severe than the same pain in others who don't deal with constant pain.

Thank you so much for this great article.

Thank you for sharing the article.. I found as time has passed I am not able to receive Massage or acupunture, chiropratic or even physical therapy. My body reacts negatively to these treatments. I use to get massages once a week or some type of body work. I am tired of people telling me I am too much in my pain. I need to focus on something else. I do to the best of my ability. When pain is prevalent it is very hard to focus period....

thanks...i wish it had said (maybe i missed it too) about people on narcotic pain medication that it also causes their body to react this way to pain. So you can have double dose, from the chronic disease plus your medication!

If you try and get off your narcotic pain medication you will or most people go through a period of time where everything is going to hurt a lot even more hypersensitive pain problems.

I appreciate that you put this out but i also wish doctors would discuss down side to narcotic pain medications before making us physically addicted to them.

Hopefully any decent masseuse will listen to you especially when you let them know you have pain problems. I once tried a treatment...similar to Reiki and person hurt me terribly bad! They did not believe me i guess that my joints were grown together from RA, the guy kept trying to sneak in treatment and literally broke bone in my joints where he tried to bend them.

So only work with people who respect and listen to you is my rule now!!