How "gut" problems can cause symptoms else where

This came today. It reminded me of the question about how sun exposure could cause internal symptoms and it reminded me of people who have talked about knowing that they needed to heal their gut. Cannot afford Hyman's clinic but I do read and consider his books.

Ann, this was an excellent article with a wealth of information. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I hope others take the time to read it.

This article too talks about the same point vividly.
He offers solution on details of food to be taken to get a
good microflora.

Have any one tried his probiotic supplements?
I have ordered and would try from next month.


Hello Ann,

Brilliant link and so informative "Thank you" for adding it for members...this is one discussion going to be added on the sjogrens site and also labelled to you finding it, as so many members on there have stomach issues also :)

Well Ann mine does'nt feel fine mate and it's still puffing up but you found that good info for me on gas being pushed up with the IBS and cheers for that :) giving thumbs up winking smiley

Here's the link to your info up on the sjogren's site from the link itself but took a few things out but still added the link so members can read it and also your name to the info.