Life With Lupus

HOPE! Finally relief!


Lisa What wonderful news to ring in the new year. I hope your husband's pain and your financial situation continue to improve, Out of curiosity what essential oils are you using Please include the dosage and application process. I have many of the same symptoms that your husband experiences I have been using tart cherry juice (4-8 oz a day) for inflammation reduction (which helps the pain levels) and it has been working however if I could buddie it up with the essential oils I might have a fighting chance to get my life back on track. I appreciate your time. God Bless Julie


Wow, it’s hard for me to read a love one of a lupus patient stating honestly, it’s difficult to be his wife because he doesn’t contribute. Marriage is sacrifice, if he wasn’t sick, it might be different. I am just really sad with the statement you made, if it wasn’t his lupus, what if you had lupus? I am sad, my partner is shocked too. I hope, I don’t become a burden to her as you imply with your husband.