Life With Lupus

HOPE! Finally relief!


My husband has been suffering for about 7 years now. He deals with arthritis pain, neuropathy, chronic fatigue, blood clots, mylar rash, fevers, inflammation, depression, etc, etc, etc. He takes about 20 meds a day and then deals with the side effects of those... Nausea, insomnia, etc....

Well I recently explored essential oils for my son's ADHD and out of desperation my VERY SKEPTICAL husband finally asked me to try them on him. He wasn't able to go up and down the stairs due to arthritis pain. Within MINUTES of the first application his arthritis pain was 75% gone! The next day when he wasn't as active the pain was 90-98% gone! (He said "I dare say it's totally gone but my pain really isn't ever gone gone.") The inflammation went down and the pain went away. Still skeptical but surprised he next used to address nausea with almost instant results. He of course assumed it must be a fluke. (He doesn't think anything natural could work but yet is now begging for oil application! LOL) So we did again and again. Each time same results. So far we have been able to remove/dramatically reduce his arthritis pain, nausea, and headaches. BUT ready for this!? The one that blew us away... After one application on his feet for his neuropathy he could feel his toes!!!! The doctors have told us he was "as good as he was going to get" and that you cannot repair nerve damage. But a couple drops of the correct oil on the bottoms of his feet and he can feel his toes!!! We are both believers now and SOOOO happy to finally have some hope.

You all are the only ones that understand what we go through. My friends don't understand how I can stay with him. It is hard to be him and honestly very hard to be his wife. He honestly does not to contribute to our family in almost any way, which leads to deeper depression and the depression makes him even more unable to contribute to our family. I have now started using the oils to address his depression which appear to be helping as well. I just can't begin to say how grateful I am to finally feel hope and for him to finally feel relief! He hasn't had pain free moments in years! SOOO happy for him and our family.

I wish you all relief in the year ahead! Stay strong and don't give up hope!


Lisa, this is wonderful! I would love to know what essential oils you used, where. This disease is debilitating, and to find any Kind of relief is golden. Thank you for staying with your husband. He certainly would love to help, if only he could. Take care.


That is great news! I would love to know what oil you are using for the neropathy and where you apply it.


wonderful news. I am wondering if you are using Young Living and what oils in particular .

I have had some good experience with oils too but nothing as dramatic as you.

Peppermint is awesome for my headaches.




Lulu, where so you put the peppermint? I tried on my temples, but it burned my eyes a little.


I use essential oils for various things too. Would like to know which oil you used for each of those symptoms please. SO thrilled for your miracle and success! Almost all my meds are natural. I couldn't tolerate 99% of the prescriptions.


I understand the elation but what were the oils ??


I don’t understand which oils you are talking about. Also, how much do you use?


Hun, tell me what oils and how to get them, i would do anything to feel better.


I’ve been looking into oils too, although not for my disease. Can you please tell us more as well as what brand you use? Also, I have a friend who has a child who’s ADD, could you please share what you use for your child? Thanks!!!


Lisa, This is good news. Let us know which oils are used for each. Love to try this. Thanks!


He is luky to have a wife like you.May God bless you all.can you let us know which oil?


What a wonderful gift you figured out to give your son and your husband....you all must be so elated. Like all that has responded, we all would love to feel better also...could you please let us know what brand essential oil you used, and also which ones for each ailment. Did you release the essential oil with joba oil or some other oil, since essential oils are so strong to use on there own. Please share your secret with us. Thank you. And I'm so excited for your husbands relief. I'm sure he's very thankful for your 'genius' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will post info requested as soon as I get home tonight.


I have found something that works wonders at a crft show no less! I have fibromyalgia and lupus, so i understand the pain. Below is a link and a picture of a jelly you rub on that is made from 21 essential oils. It burns like icy hot, but works 10 X better for me! I too use essential oils, theraputic grade i my epsom salt baths and to rub in, and this is great! It doesnt smell the best due to a camphor, eucaliptus like smell, but it also has lavender in it i believe to help relax the muscle. Cnt hurt to try a small jar and you dont need to much, just rub it in really, really well, especially after a hot epsom bath!



If you mix the peppermint with some jojoba oil, it won't tend to burn. I keep mine mixed this way as to not burn my skin. The jojoba is only a carrier oil and won't affect the essential oil. Recipes can be found on the internet and pinterest and you can always add a few extra drops to the oil for your own choice of strength. I bought little fillable roller ball bottles on amazon that are just the right size for your pocket.

TJ said:

Lulu, where so you put the peppermint? I tried on my temples, but it burned my eyes a little.


Still at Cub Scout leader meeting. I promise to post details as soon as I get home. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay, here is the info that was requested. First, if you have sensitive skin like my husband, be sure to use either a fractionated coconut oil or olive oil on your skin before applying. The brand I choose was doTerra because they are therapeutic grade (most you can even safely take internally) Based on my research they are the best you can get. OK so here is what we have had success with so far. Arthritis pain: rubbed Frankincense and Melaleuca on his knees. (Honestly I think the Frankincense would have worked fine by itself but my husband is a more rather than less type of guy.) Seriously results were nothing short of a miracle! He had pain relief for a good 4-6 hours. There are so many things Frankincense can do but man I wasn't expecting such incredible results (nor was he!).

The most amazing result for us was applying Geranium to his feet he could feel his toes for the first time in years. So cool! (This is after trying Nuerontin (Gabapentin) & Lyrica.) It relieved the numbness so he could feel all the way to his toes. He was thrilled.

We have also used doTerra Peppermint oil for nausea and "PastTense" for headaches. I am also difussing oils to help with his chronic fatigue. So far Citrus Bliss seems to work the best and it smells like of like a Creamsicle. Yum!

Another success was actually on my 8 year old daughter who has struggled with constipation for 6 years. After applying DigestZen (in a heart around her belly button) her issues are resolved. I have been applying every other day and her relief happened within the first day or so. She has had no issues every since.

Personally I am using the Slim and Sassy but that a whole different issue. LOL.

You can get more info at http://www.mydoterra.com/homeremedies/ I'll let you know what other successes we find as we continue to explore a more natural way of healing but so far I am nothing but amazed. My favorite part is seeing my VERY skeptical husband say "Honey were are your oils" LOL.

I hope you all find relief. I also want to thank you all for allowing spouses on this site. My husband has been difficult to deal with since getting diagnosed and hearing many of your struggles helps me sympathize and know that he is being honest when without being in his skin it is so hard to understand why he can't power through. I'm a born optimist and his depression has been really rough on us, as well as the pain and fatigue. I truly thank you all for being open with your lives, it has helped our marriage!


I am amazed at your commitment and admire your love for your partner. You understand that he is sick and it does say till death due us part. I just wanted to mention that because my husband left a year after diagnosis. Yes , I have heard and used some essential oils my neighbor had introduced me to. A company called Young Living, well he demonstrated on a dog of mine. Overly active twice as talas me and still a pup, our beautiful Brittany spaniel bird dog named Jezebelle! Well I have Lupus and had just got out of hospital with a DVT blood clot and was on blood thinners. Well of course my daughters pup did not mean to hurt me but when she jumped up often she scratched me or knocked me down. My neighbor poured two drops of essential out called calm and put on her long brow, front paws and back paws and around her nose and within a minute she was licking and laying down and approximately 3 min later yawning! I couldn’t believe it! I was sold! I bought a sample pack of 10 different oils and even tho a little pricey it was nothing like all the poison medicine I was pitting into my body. I had forgotten about this until I read your article! It’s true, the best help I have ever found for Lupus SLE was all natural food, essential oils and one other thing! Have you ever heard of Herballife? Well it’s for people who feel overweight or have health problems. It’s two shakes added with some vitamins everyday with a regular meal and let me tell you it has been known to heal diabetes, arthritis and many more health issues. You can of course look this up! But I feel the reason it works is because you are putting pure protein and vitamins in your body instead of processed food plus the multivitamins! Good luck with all and I’m sooo glad he has found relief. Alternative medicine has really been helping me! God bless and thanks for sharing!


I have all these oils i didnt know to put it on my feet! Hopefully itwill help