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My rheumy is working with one in France using essential oils and herbs. I have learned that there is a big difference between the oils and herbs here in the United States that are being sold for medicinal purposes and those in France. There is a lot less control here as to what can be sold as pure. Also even what is on the label. A bottle of eucalyptus oil, labelled as eucalyptus oil doesn't tell you which of the over a dozen types of eucalyptus it is, so it could be the kind that is great for clearing your sinuses or the kind that is great for reducing inflammation or one of them that just smells good but does nothing. So you read where eucalyptus radiata has been found to reduce inflammation, then you see all these creams and rubs that contain eucalyptus come out that don't work and people say that the study is pseudo-science. The truth is that they aren't using eucalyptus radiata in the creams because it is one of the more expensive types of eucalyptrus. Our laws don't say that they have to label the type of eucalyptus used so people get scammed and true honest research that would help a lot of people gets ignored. I have to be very careful with where I get what the French doctor shares with my rheumy as to what is working in France.

My doctor is amazed that I am seeing results in days and weeks instead of the months that so many of his patients. I have to point out that he is not recommending or prescribing any of this because it would be against the law. He is just sharing what doctors in France are finding successful.


While it is a mistake to assume your doc has "nutrition education" it is a bigger mistake to assume the person giving you advice knows what they are talking about. I train (or did) physicians. They will NEVER have adequate trainining in this area. There simply is not enough time. The simple fact is physicians have less classroom/academic training than an average Masters level anything..... That does not mean they are not well trained for what they do. There are many changes happening. If you have a physician who is NOT using available resources and referals you have a poor physician. There are three legs (which by the way is the most stable structure if the legs are properly spaced/distributed) to the stool of healthcare. Physical fitness/exercise, Lifestyle/nutrition, medication/medical treatment. ignore anyone of them and you're screwed.

The easiest way to tell if you are dealing with a quack is if they believe they have better answer than any of the other two. Secondly if someone is recommending supplementation you need to know WHY. If your normal nutrition/lifestyle is not filling the need, there is a reason. Simply buying a bottle of supplements will not help, the problem needs solved. If someone is offering a supplement as "medication" think quack. This a process. A process has many components.


Thank you Ann.


I saved the links. At the moment my brain is on sensory overload, having a very focal 3 year old, a 1 year old, staying along with an over stressed dad. It has been great getting to know my grandsons and seeing my son, but I have to admit it has been a push.


Spoken like the professional that you are, Ann. I agree that using treatments from different areas of expertise is better than being locked into one modality and being told there's nothing they can do to help us.


You made me cry, Ann. Thank you for your insight and kindness. I would be dead now if I only used what the MDs had to offer, so for sure we need to learn skills to improve our health and life such as the stress class you learned, and other natural alternatives. I wish I had that knowledge right now, while caring for dying brother and mother and the stress making my body rage. I hope to try modified yoga, but you can't do that to relax when you're running around caring for others, or in total collapse from doing it. My faith is a great stress reliever. Knowing God is there to help me through everything is very reassuring.

I love you too!


Agreed, be skeptical, ask questions, do research with ANY treatment that is suggested. Just yesterday I had to tell my brother to not take a medication that his Dr. prescribed, it was actually a dangerously high dosage because he is a new Dr. and didn't know the proper protocol for starting at a low dose and working up, then tapering off. I research his prescriptions as well as my own. At the nursing home, the nurse could not figure out Mom's proper dosage of a medicine. She couldn't figure out 5 divided by 5. So I'm glad I was there to tell her the answer is 1 or she would have overdosed my mother. Makes me wonder what other errors happen when I'm not there. We have to be just as cautious with any natural treatment we might want to try. Research it a lot. Stress relief program certainly can cause no harm, but many treatments can cause harm.

Ann A. said:

Due diligence. Be skeptical -across the board.


I'm so sorry Ann. I didn't realize that's what led to your fall.




Ann A. said:

Yea Sheila,

The Cymbalta and the Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome both interfered with my ability to reason logically. Brain zaps were taking me to my knees an eroding my ability to function mentally and physically. Under the influence of the disconti uation syndrome I decided that it was a good idea to stand up in a light weight aluminum chair an raise my arms over my head to get an avacado off the the top of a very tall refrigerator. Under normal circumstances the avacado would not have been up there and I certainly would not have decided to stand my obese body up in an aluminum chair and then raise my arms over my head. My logical self understands the basic laws of physics, owns a stabile step stool, and ripens avacadoes on an easy to reach window sill. I was in la la land. that is weird i have been on cymbalta for about 6 yrs.....and for me it has really helped my depression i guess everyone is different though


I deleted the two links in the post above. Rich Carson (prohealth) isn't qualified for much of anything except swiping the credit cards of his many "victims" It would be confusing for our members to believe his opinions are 'expert" in anyway especially coming from a totally unregulated industry

The FDA article was withdrawn as being inaccurate, based on anecdotal reports etc a number of years ago. The official copy carries a disclaimer to that effect although there are many copies floating around the internet being used inappropriately. "Cymbalta Discontinuation Syndrome" has become mostly internet and lawyer lore. Yes its real, but the syndrome occurs less than 1% of the time and is not much different than any other SNRI in reaction YES a drop from 60mg to 30mg is enough to cause dizziness. Heck if I miss a dose, I feel like I've been pounding back tequila shots. These are powerful medicines that have a major effect on serotonin levels and also as a result provide major relief for milliions of users who have a serious and potentially fatal disease, that can't be fixed by practitioners of Rich Carsons ilk or the new generataion calling them selves "health coaches" and self certifying................ There are many of the SNRI meds being used similarly. BTW there isn't a much more natural pain management process than increasing serotonin levels

I for one while I appreciate anyones point of view and their right , I have a strong adversion to anyone trying to pass off anecdotal and inaccurate/out of date information as "to have proof" of a very obvious point of view (despite denials to the contrary. Share your experinces all you want. BUT do not pass it off as expert opinion or these quacks as experts. I frankly don't care if one paints themselves purple dances naked under a full moon and claims to have gotten relief BUT I will everytime call out someone who claims that to be a superior treatment or diussuades anyone from following their physicians advice.

This thread has gotten far of the topic of homeopathy which is a very specific form of alternative medicine and has NOTHING to do with "natural" treatments or the direction it has taken. I rarely close a thread but this one is close. PLEASE stay on topic.


We tend to validate our experiences through "research" what makes sense to us, reads to others with more authority than intended. No worries.