HLA-B27 test results confused

When I went to see me rheumy last week, he ordered more testing to check for certain spondyloarthropies due to my recent episcleritis.

The results were posted on the website this morning. It says:

HLA B27 BY PCR RESULT: whole blood

The negative is self explanatory. What does the whole blood result mean? I can’t seem to find any useful info on this. Thanks.

I believe it just means the type of specimen that was used to run the test.

I agree with Vera. Sometimes the way instrument interfaces force results to be displayed in the chart report results in confusing info like the whole blood comment

I wasn’t sure sure if it meant that it was detected in the whole blood “pcr” sample which I’ve read is more reliable.

PCP should have done more tests.
HLA27 can diagnose many illnesses but there are other lab panels available. You are your own best advocate. Will keep you in my thoughts.