Helpful suggestion for all who post, will help when we all need to find something

when we post, at the bottom is a place for tags. If we all put a few tags there about the subject matter of our post, then when someone else comes along, they can use the search box and find exactly what they need!

If a tag is more than 1 word do it like this:

"helpful post","my subject","using tags"

well you get the point, just substitute the words for you own topic. Single words need no quotation marks, and don't put a space between each tag, just a comma. this will make the search work so much better!

simply sharing.

love and hugs to all, morgan

so, this is my moment for this entire month, fotclmbo

Very good idea, Morgan. I just hope I can remember this!

Thanks so very much for the tip!

Take care,

How to do tags? Don't see instructions??? It's probably right in front of my face.


terrific idea! thanks.

thanks! i never do this... but i will now!!! love the light bulb moments.