The weather effects my pain and inflammation. We have had storms for days. I have bad pain in hips fingers and knees. But tonight seemed to have trouble breathing about 2 hours before a bad storm hit. I have inflammation in my stomach bad sometimes and was wandering if any one else has it in their lungs and could this be what is causing me to feel like I can not breath. It is like I need oxygen. I am also feeling sick at my stomach bad like the inflammation is back in my stomach again. I know I need to go get a shot of steroids and start on a round of those. But was wondering about the lungs

If it's an organ then Lupus can affect it. If you are having difficulty breathing and it's worrying you go to your doctor or the ER. Are you prone to anxiety attacks? I remember having my first one and it was scary. The more I tried to breath the less I could. I hope you're ok! Prayers going out to you!!

If you haven't already gone to the ER, you need to. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

I have never had an anxiety attack. Wasn’t scared just like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen.this came on before the storm hit and got better after it was over. It was a bad storm with wind damage and lots of lightning. Does weather effect you guys?

What does pleurisy feel like? I need to go get some prednidone. But I wait as long as possible because it runs my sugar up for about a week. I have started using my tens unit on my hips …that helped last night.

Since June of 2013 I've had pleurisy (at least i assume what this is). Every time I breathe I get pains but the pains vary day to day in intensity and location. Sometimes i feel it in my back, sometimes in my chest, and sometimes in my stomach. I've noticed that exercise makes it better while I'm actually doing it but afterwards it seems to increase the pain. I've been on steroids this whole past year, even with doses up to 20mg but it hasnt really helped too much. The only thing that has helped is the warm summer weather that has come, my pains are lessened but not taken away. Are steroids the only thing to help it?

I feel like you sometimes as far as my lungs are concerned. In fact, it was so bad a couple of days ago that I had to rest in bed all morning a couple of days ago.I would advise you to talk to you doctor(s) about these issues. If things get really bad, head to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

Anytime your lungs or any internal organ is giving you problems, it's time to visit the ER. We can go from a cold to serious pneumonia in hours. I am not trying to scare you, just simply stating a fact that I am all too familiar with. Please let us know how you are doing.

I know what you going through, for me it affects my lungs. I have a history of pleurisy and pericarditis, when I flare it makes uncomfortable to breathe, so I will do an albuterol treatment and increase my prednisone. when its humid it makes it harder for me to breathe.