Has anyone ever started to break out in a rash as they got towards the last few days on a step down Medrol 4mg pack?!?!?!

Yes - I have broken out in new rashes as I tried to step off of steroids. Get back to your doctor. I have often needed extended rounds of steroids to get over reactions to various things. Sorry to hear you are going throug this. :-(

Thanks guys for the info I ended up going to the ER cause the rash got even worse from yesteday!! I am now on prednisone for the next 5 days hopefully that will help!!

one of the uncommon side effects of the drug you mentioned is rash. lupus causes rashes...have you checked that out. Also using a new laundry is one of most common reasons for skin new soap, dryer stuff, bath soaps etc, including shampoos dish soap.

In other words a lot of things can cause might keep diary to see if there is something in common with rashes. Plus have your rheum and dermatologist check out the rash to see if they know what the cause is.

You also might have the test by endocrinologist to see if your body is still producing steroids on it's own. Might be long shot but could be cause as well. When you take it too often, according to my doctor, your body stops making it.

I hope you speak to your doctor about long term side effects of steroids...make sure that know what you might be getting into. I just hate for you end up with broken hip or spine or worse on dialysis. There are other options out there ..i hope you find the problem and really hope you can get off them soon! i only say this because i do really care...i been worried i am going to offend you...really i care!

I have never been on steriods before. I haven’t changed anything as far as soaps or detergents. They are weening me off of the steriods and hopefully after that I won’t need them anymore. I saw an allergist yesteday he spent 3 hours with me! I still don’t feel that good I am exhausted I don’t see my Rheumy till the 18th. Thank you got all the help and ideas.

Some of us lupus sufferers would die without steroids Yes it has many adverse effects but for many it is what keeps us alive. Most of the adverse effects are dose related as well as length of time taken. Doctors do not take prescribing lightly and it is done with full knowledge of side effects. I don't know where the comment comes that it causes kidney failure but that is not true- it often is given to prevent or delay kidney failure not the other way around. I have been on steroids for about 30 years now and without them would have died a long time ago or at the least been on dialysis. Lupus is a nasty disease and the medications to control are almost as bad sometimes- all have dreadful side effects.