Help! Problem with veins! ): ): ): ):

OK so a couple months ago i had my last blood work up done. The nurse did a great job drawing the blood. There were no immediate problems. .....

Well let me back up a bit first. Quit a few months before that blood work up I noticed a spot on my right forearm on the right side that there is a vein right there an it is always bulging out, like swollen!! It goes down sometimes too!!!

OK so i go get that last blood work up done a couple months ago. After about two weeks i noticed that the vein she used started swelling up also. Then after a week r so of it being swollen i've now noticed that about a half inch r 3/4 inch of vein is caved in. The only way i can think to really describe it is think about when u dig a trench. Its caved in pretty deep too. Its noticable if u look at it.

So has anybody else had these problems with their veins?

Now i know that when u get blood work or have to have meds intravenously there is risk of blowing the vein. But usually when this happens it occurs when u r drawing the blood or administering the meds. like almost instantly. Im not aware of it looking fine for weeks then all the sudden it happening.

Does anyone have any helpful advise on this matter. Im a little nervous!

Thank you for your time! God Bless!

Hmm. It would make sense if it happened within a day or two of the blood draw, but two weeks seems like a long time after the lab work. Have you called and talked to your doctor or the phlebotomist? That would be the surest way to get an answer.

Do you get any other symptoms with it? Does the area become red? Warm? Do you still have sensation in your arm/hand below the site?

Your vein may have just become inflamed or collapsed, especially if you have frequent blood draws in the same site.

my veins have done the same thing as yours i was told it was through lots of blood yests taken from same vein theyve moved onto the other side now when youve got illness like this the bloods are frequent due to organ failure my organs are now failing im now anemic as well but try not to worry you have to stay strong with this kind of illness its so hard i know but your the only one who can do it good luck and stay calm x

Yes I have the same problem, I get big bruises that come from the inside. As far as I've learned, this is called vasculitis and arteritis, inflammation of the veins and arteries, and sometimes they break and make big bruises. It's just part of the inflammation of every part of our body that we can get. It just shows how much pain we must feel if something so deep inside creates such a bruise. Vitamin K is great for helping clear up these bruises and I also use a homeopathic medicine in a tiny pill that dissolves under your tongue called Hyland's "Bumps 'n bruises" tablets.

I wish I could help…but I would definitely seek medical attention ASAP!!
Good luck!! Let us know what doc says.