Help please

Not sure what to do. I have a port a cath it sits on my right chest wall I’m not sure if it has anything to do with this but I am having some pretty severe chest pains today and weakness in my arms and overall weakness. The pain seems to be radiating from my port and the pain and weakness in my arms isn’t one side or the other. I’m not sure if I should head to the er or ride it out as a bad day. I’m confused scared and in pain and really can’t afford an er visit. Anyone have any ideas?

Something like that sound like a call to the doctors office then they can direct you from there, please do it first thing today. Without knowing you history that don’t sound like something you should play around with.

The port isn’t likely to cause the problems you are talking about. The worst that happens is they get infected, you might have a fever. The symptoms you are describing don’t fit that. The issue is though that you feel terribly and have chest pains. I agree that you call the dr. Their usual response to protect themselves is go to the er. It could easily be nothing so don’t get yourself all panicked but check it out to be sure. Lupus patients get a lot of lung inflammation that causes chest pain. Could be that but an appt to yr doctor would be the least costly way to find out. Good luck!

It could be a number of things, and you may never find out what it is!!! However, if they have continued PLEASE go get help or call someone to come get joy. You just never know! Let us know how you are doing. <<HUGS>>

GO TO THE ER RIGHT NOW! With a port cath, if you did have an infection that’s causing the pain instead of some other problem, that could be fatal pretty darn quick, or instead reversed by antibiotics pretty darn quick. NOT something to try to assess on your own, or ride out… Plus it sounds like you’re in enough pain that you should at least get that managed right away! :frowning:

Take care, I hope it isn’t something serious, and I hope you start getting some relief whether it’s serious or not,


Also, emergency rooms will provide care even if you can’t afford a dime (you must tell them about your financial hardship before they treat you, though.) You may have to pay something, unlike someone homeless who truly has nothing, but it’s the law for them to help you (or at least they have to make sure to get you to a hospital that does, if they don’t themselves…) It is illegal to abandon a patient in an emergency.

This is part of why it’s so important to get healthcare systems fixed… emergency rooms everywhere are overburdened by people without insurance, which makes them raise prices on everything and everyone else, which makes it better for everyone if everyone’s covered.

I’m so sorry you’ll possibly have a significant expense, but it’s not worth risking your life, future disability, etc. for. And your doc will almost certainly not be willing to diagnose over the phone for something like this!

Thank you all for your advice. Sorry it is late in updating I have been asleep all day. I was able to get in contact with my doc last night he was concerned that I was having a reaction to the port as my body attacks pretty much everything we put in it. I headed to the ER where they got an EKG and set me back in the waiting room for 3 hours in pain. Once I was finally triaged into a room they attempted to access my port but were unable to do they set a catheter that eventually blew and started a cardiac workup. The workup came back normal except for a few sinus arrhythmia's? and some high blood pressure at points, like when they were trying to force a needle into my port. They gave me a shot of pain medication, kept me overnight and told me to follow up this morning with the people that placed the port despite me pleading that I had it placed at that hospital and that is why I went there. As of right now we do not have any answers as to what was causing the pain other than my lupus was not playing nice with the port which is not surprising. I went into my infusion center today to see if they could flush my port and it behaved nicely for them other than being very very sore. I have an appointment with my Rhumy on Friday and IM next week and will probably follow up with a cardiologist since my blood pressure is usually very very low and was pretty high last night just to make sure there is no underlying causes.

Glad you went to get it checked. As far as the port, at the infusion center did they do cultures of the port? That would rule out any infection. I assume you don’t have a temperature since you didn’t state that. Still, cultures would rule out a blood infection. I used to do ports all the time as a chemo/bone marrow unit nurse. The er, which as you see aren’t that adept at ports sometimes, or the infusion center would be the place to do the draws. Seems it’s likely your body is just reacting to things it doesn’t like. Our bodies are hypersensitive to any threat, in your case a port. Inflammation of muscles around the port can be painful if it sees the port as a threat and causes an immune reaction to it. Hopefully your rheumy will have an idea how to calm your system down. Seems like he is very aware of your body’s reactions. Either way, continue checking it all out and Let us know!