HELP...Need some advice please!

Was not feeling too good yesterday, head kind of wishy washy and just felt run down. Lazed around most of the day. This morning woke up and went to work, was thirsty all day and just not feeling myself. By the time I got home my ankles are swollen, my lymph nodes in my neck are very tender to the touch , my head is hurting, I am wheezing(had to use nebulizer) when I got home, chilling and running a fever (100.5). The fever and wheezing came on suddenly. Called my Rheumatologist but haven't heard back from him. Not sure what to do. This is the first time Ive actually felt this sick since I was diagnosed in 2010.

I have Lupus, Reynauds, Asthma, Fibromyalgia

Taking: Symbicort, Plaquanil, Flexerill, Tylenol, Prednisone and Tessalon Perls as well as nebulizer as needed.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated

Go to the ER! When the Dr. cannot be reached and I am sick ( I have SLE. & asthma also), I go to the ER.
Will keep you in my thoughts. Hugs.

Hi teejay

Yes, you should see your PCP for this or urgent care. Your fever and the swelling in your ankles and the tenderness in your lymph nodes along with your wheezing are a lot to come on all at once. Please let us know how you're doing and take care of yourself.

You’re on an immunosuppressing med, and have symptoms of either a viral or bacterial infection so yeah… go get seen. Find out what you’re dealing with for sure. The way international travel is these days, there is no clearly defined “cold & flu season”. It could be anything.

Hope you feel better, when you feel sick and dont get any call back from any Dr just push your self and go to the ER, since they can run all the test that are needed I learned that I am the best judge when it cames to my health and symptoms and also the people on this website are awsome when it cames for advice since we all share symptoms.

Thanks for all the responses. My Rheumy finally called back..Told me to keep an eye on it, and as long as temp didn't go above 101. I should be ok. Im thinking its a sinus infection. Im definately watching it close though if it gets any worse I'll be heading to E.R. Temp has been staying around 99 , so far so good. As far as swelling of ankles he didn't seem too concerned about that, so not sure where that comes in.

Hi, keep calling the doctor until you can reach him/her-I hate when we can’t get in touch with them while the problem is going on! But that’s how they do , call back after the fact of the problem going on-smile… For the most part I hope you feel better soon…Beverly L.