Life With Lupus

Help finding a good doctor

For years (and I mean nearly 10 years) I have battled with doctors that say “nothing is wrong with you” or “here’s some good painkillers”. Recently I was talking to an old high school friend and we got into how I’ve been feeling and as I started trying to describe things she picked up where I left off how nothing seems connected, doctors all get confused and act like you’re faking. She sent me a few links about SLE and wow a lot of what I’ve been reading makes sense. The issue though is to get it to make sense to a doctor.

Can anyone recommend a good doctor that listens and knows SLE in Minnesota? I’m north of the Twin Cities and hoping I can find a good doctor without having to go to Rochester. Btw, I’m sure it won’t help getting a doctor to listen considering I’m a male and the only physical symptom I haven’t experienced is the Malar Rash that a lot of articles seem to say is mandatory (while I’ve also seen quite a few with more recent dates that say otherwise and even speculate that the rash is not as common in SLE as previously though).

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Find a female Rheumatologist. They know that even though only about 10% of those that get Lupus are men, it does happen!!! She will check your symptoms, do a blood panel and go from there. Make sure you Google her and see that she went to a reputable college. Check her star ratings and reviews. Also, make sure she is on your insurance plan.