Hello From the Hospital

My 82 year old mother fell Thursday, Friday, then again today. When the paramedics came, we insisted that she go to the hospital. She was admitted with pneumonia. Oddly enough, we saw the PCP last week, who gave us flu shots. I also got a pneumonia shot, but not Mother because it wasn’t time yet. When I got to the ER they checked my oxygen sat, which came back at 54. Needless to say, I was admitted,too I feel so sorry for my husband and daughter. At least they put us on the same floor so they don’t have to run back and forth to the elevator.

The nurses are shocked that I take 29 pills at bedtime I could list them, list the dosage, and why I TAake each one. It’s 3:33 a.m. Maybe they they are through for a couple of hours. Labs start they’re rounds at 5:00 I’ll be awaiting my “stick” with a smile and a joke. I don’t think anyone ever smiles at these kind people. It excited me when something my husband made one of them. I was grateful for the Foley cath by the time she left. I hope everyone is home, happy and healthy tonight. Martha

Oh my, that is quite a lot for you to deal with! I hope you get some much needed rest. Sounds like you and your family have a great attitude. Keep us posted, but try to rest as much as you can. The hospital is not always the best place to get some peace!

Hugs to you and your mom!

I am so sorry to hear that get well soon and your mom too

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Get well soon! Hugs. Carolyn

Wishing you and your mom fast healing,and many prayers are going your way---- stay positive!

Sorry to hear about you and your mom

I pray you and your mom are feeling much better soon.

I’m praying for you & your mom.