Can’t wait for summer to be over!! It’s only June and the heat is so bad!!!

Since I have had lupus just the heat makes feel awful. The sun actually sometimes feels like it is burning. It has been about 4 years since they finally got the rash (arms, legs, shoulders and chest) part of my SLE cleared up. Don’t want to go through that again. That was also made worse by floresent lights. Good luck trying to stay cool. I’m right there with you!

Thank goodness we have had almost a week of rain in Dallas, TX. I know the oppressive heat will come barreling down on us soon...just have to be glad we have had a respite! Try to stay cool any way you can.

The humidity makes it worse. I wasn’t doing so badly when I lived in California. Since moving to Michigan, I’ve gotten worse. I want to move back to Cali but I have a family now, and we are church members and with the housing market the way it is, I can’t see us moving any time soon. Patricia, I get the same rash on my face, chest, and arms.

I live in Florida, and the past two days, the heat index is 100...it's stifling. When you open the door, the heat comes rushing in. I have to go out at practically dawn to water my plants. If I don't, I can't handle the heat, and then my plants look like their tongue is hanging out. I've thought about just letting them go...but since I can't really garden anymore, because of the sun, I like at least some plants....they make me feel happy. Everybody, have a smart and good summer. Feel better.

I can’t wait for constantly cooler days. The humidity has been awful. My face, chest, arms and back are covered in a rash. Just a minute in the sun makes me sick. It went from winter to summer here. Thank goodness I have central air!

I agree. Now I know why even before my diagnosis that I’ve always hated the heat and sun. Its 6am…going on a walk now before it’s too oppressive!

I live in New Orleans. I walk to the car at 5:30 every morning and feel like I need a shower again. My neighbors don’t know I exist from mid May to the beginning of November. Way too hot and humid!