Hearing loss

I have been sick for years. I was wonder if anyone else has lost hearing due to lupus. My ears ring and make a noise like there’s a cricket in my ear

I also have an issue with hearing. I have tinnitus which is a ringing or whine or buzzing sound in the ear. I’ve had it since I was put on high dose aspirin when I was young (docs didn’t know how to treat Sjs in children back then). Lately it has been getting progressively worse. I have trouble hearing conversations if there is any kind of background noise. If someone mumbles, my kids do, then I can only make out maybe 3 words in 10. I just read that there are some new treatments for tinnitus so I’m going to talk to my doctor about them. One was like a hearing aid but it somehow counters the sound? Tinnitus is fairly common and pain meds make it worse. Gentle hugs, Annemarie

I get tinnitus when I have increased inflammation in the upper airway

I have tinnitus in one ear from a bike accident in my late teens. So I've had it all my life though it seems to have increased in loudness in the last few years. Thanks Annemarie, I'm going to ask my doctor about these latest treatments for tinnitus.

I have the ringing in the ears and hearing loss weather due to lupus or the chronic infections I had as a child and several times a year now. I try hard to listen and fill in the blanks with what I hope is the right word. I have not found any meds that work.

I also have tinnitus and it drives me crazy.... I didn't know there was anything that could be done for it. I'd like to hear any options. Thanks.

I have constant tinnitus in my left ear that was caused by an acoustic neuroma and I can't hear from that side. The good side is having age related hearing loss. I need to face a person when they speak to me!

before I realized or was told I had lupus I have had to get hearing aids for both ears.Don,t know if it has has anything to do with lupus. Maybe some else can help us bot

I hope theres something to treat it also. Its odd because there is never a silent moment. My ent says my hearing loss is autoumune. I have alot of canal infection so i cant wear hearing aids. My lupus doctor says any soft tissue like ear canals internal organs ect can become irratated by lupus

thanks jj

I'd like to know of new treatments for tinnitus too, my pcp just dismisses it as part of having lupus.

I lost some of my hearing also AND I have ringing also. When I was first diagnosed with Lupus, I was on the Mayo Clinic website and hearing loss was listed as a symptom of Lupus.

Thank you so much for answering. just another thing to add to my list the Drs don,t want to take the time to hear about. I really wait too long anymore as I am made to feel like a nuisance when I go to see about some things ,Then they are mad because I wait too long. There is no winning it seems. Does anyone else feel this way at times.Sometimes I feel Drs.are not trained to the symptoms of lupus I actually ran into a few in my hometown that have said they have never had a pt with lupus,as and far as I know, at the moment there is no one else here with it.One of my best friends died of it 2 weeks after she was diagnosed as her

dr. kept saying there was nothing wrong with her but arthritis,So what does that tell us. to look after ourselves I guess,Now that I have got all that off my mind I do know there are good Drs out there and hope to find one

I know I feel the same way, as long as I am not dying they don't care too much. Can you go to an ENT for your hearing problem? That might help.

ahhh.. the cricket chirping in the ear is palatal myoclonus...i have it..someone standing close to you can hear it also...not many doctors know what it is or have even heard of it...but you can easily find it online...i wish more doctors would look online! barb

I woke up one morning totally deaf. After going to the hearing cRe and getting tested, they told me my hearing was gone and they didn’t know why or if it would return. I was sent home with a round of steroids. I did revive a slight hearing ing in my R hear but nothing in my L ear. It’s been two years and nothing has change

I too suffer from hearing loss. It from having multiple sinus infections. Due to all that the lupus adds tinnitus into the picture. An ENT specialist is the best place to start to get a correct diagnosis. Hope this helps. :wink:

Nooo!!! I thought I was just going crazy off my meds… 2 weeks ago my allergies was causing my itchy throat & ears, I rubbed my ears and haven’t gain my hearing in the right ear. I figured it’s time for me to go to the ER because it hurts when I touch my jaw and ear now, along with ringing.

I get that type of ear infection all the time you need to see doctor an get ear drops
good luck

My ears started ringing and I couldn't hear out of my left ear. I looked up my medicines to see if some had a side effect of hearing loss. I did find one and my Doctor had increased it from 80mg a day to 160mg.a day it was Lasix for swelling. It could be a different medicine for you, if not you should see a doctor soon. Lupus and the medication we use for it could cause many things to happen to our body as we already know.