Hate when my labs don't lie :/

So just got the email that says my labs are in from my rhuemy visit last Wednesday and of course there's lots of abnormalities yaaay! I have at least my CMP and CBC done every month . my totally protein ,albumin , monocytes and several other tests are always very low but my ALT(lipid) and RBC is super high:/ guess I shouldn't be surprised since I've really struggled to breath the past several weeks, guess that would depleted the oxygen in my blood after a while. Im definitely thinking clearer since I got in home oxygen last week ... my rhuemy said that would happen,she's so smart:) I already know I have a non alcoholic fatty liver but im not ready to start dealing with it not functioning properly. I'll see the new GI in 3 weeks so we'll see. My rhuemy is also repeating my midacondrial AB , M2 because I did have a soft positive when tested a couple of months ago. That test referrers to primary bile duct cirrhosis and the liver. She also contemplating putting me on plavix because even though ive only ever had superficial thrombophlebitis and never DVT/PE im always positive for anti phospholipid antibodies and having homsistine disease witch will always make my blood coagulate and clot. I've been on baby asprin for 2 1/2 years but she's wanting to use plavix to thin my blood in order to get more oxygen through my bone marrow to my joints and organs. I have more lab 7n the next couple weeks so I'll lets you know:)xoxo

Hang in there, Dawn. Hopefully the medication adjustments will be helpful.

Bless your heart! Praying for strength and healing!