Life With Lupus



OMG! He's the cutest little guy. I have a 2 year old Boston Terrier named Shi Shi, and she's the best dog I've ever had. She knows when I need to rest, and she stays right with me and cuddles. She also, was very easy to house train, and we used the pads as well and a crate. The crate is like its her bedroom, she opens the door herself and lets herself in. I know you will be very happy together : )


He didn’t like pad training but is doing great with out side training! No accidents in two days! Right now I’m having trouble with crate training he just freaks out and barks/whines up a storm! I had to go to mom’s house until he gets used to it because my neighbor was complaining I could hear her talking through the wall. So I’m hoping after a few days he’ll get used to it and we’ll be good to go. He can’t leave my side where I am he has to be. My little shadow! :smiley:



I'm sure you've been looking for crate training info. Susan Garrett's ideas were helpful for me. Here's a link. Don't give up--I know how those eyes can melt your heart!