Happy Times

Photo of three generations (L to R) My Mother, My Daughter and Me!!

Dear Unshoreandscared,

Many years ago, my life took a drastic turn due to being stricken with MS. I woke up one morning paralyzed from the waist down. I lost control of my life, but God brought me through those scary rough days. Everything will work out. I know you have are stressing if you will be able to work. Do what you can for the day. I haven't worked in years due to being sick with Lupus also. I moved in with my parents. I receive Social Security disability, and I budget my money. I don't get the things I want, but God does supply my needs. I'm thankful that I can stay with my Mom. My Dad passed away three years ago, and our lives have really changed. I miss him. Our lives are forever in transition. I get discouraged and worried, but I just take one day at a time. Sometime it is one moment at a time. I have felt really bad last year and this year. I pray and ask the Lord to get me through the rough days. My family,friends and I have prayer time. Talking to God increases my faith and hope. I hope you will be able to rest. I know how it is not being able to sleep.

Take care.