Happy news

Got a call from the rheumatologist and now have an appt for next Tuesday instead of in January. Yay! Before I got that call, I called another rheumatologist's office that wasn't associated with the hospital to ask how much it would be to be seen and the lady that answered the phone informed me between $2000 to $3000 for the visit. He would probably just ignore the tests that I already had done and do his own. This is ridiculous. It should not cost more than what most people make a month to go see a doctor without insurance.

I was shocked when I found out my blood tests were $2500!! I cannot afford a second opinion either. Good luck!

Lol you know it's bad when you can't afford to become sick in your own country.

Thank God I live where I do, thinking of you all. Kaz xo

It is the bloodwork and other diagnostic testing that are needed to diagnose and treat that are so outrageously expensive…

I have no insurance and my first appointment was $350 and $100 there after, not including blood work. I’d call around and get more quotes before paying that much.

That's insane. He must be some really well known Dr. who works with the toughest of cases. I'd callback and ask to talk to the office finance officer and try to negotiate a lower fee since you don't have insurance. It can't hurt to ask, right?

What state do yo live in?

1 Does your state subscribe to Federal Medicaid?

2 Are you working?

If you answer yes to one or both questions, you can apply for the national health care program.

Suggestion: Please read these pages : Get Covered: My Story http://www.hhs.gov/healthcare/

I live in Louisiana, don't qualify for medicaid but can't afford insurance. I work about 20 hours a month, been looking for full time work since 2013 and haven't had much luck. Since the original doctor that I was supposed to go to in January got rescheduled for next week I'm good.

This is a great opportunity to describe the medical challenges you face and how you can’t get insurance because Medicaid expansion was denied in your state. The lawmakers who did this need to hear from real people who were hurt by their self-serving decision. (They have great healthcare so their decisions didn’t impact them!) There are websites for your governer, your senators and congressional representatives. Send an email to each!

Wow!, you know that is crazy for her to say that price to anyone!! But that’s her job. The world prices today do not make sense …Beverly L.