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Happy New Year


HI Everyone,

I wanted to wish everyone a joyous, healthy and peaceful new year. Let's keep hope alive this year because that is what gives us strength and courage to keep going. Hope this will be the year there is a cure for so many things...... hope this is the year the world can find eternal peace....... hope this is the year, you decide what you need in your own personal life and picture it happening. Be strong and keep fighting because life is beautiful.

Happy new year,



Happy new yr to all in lupus struggle, ive been diagnosed for many yrs with hep c and lupus and my only liver issues are elevated levels.So my gasterologist wants me to start ( HARVONI) my ins ok a 8 week supply but hes never treated anyone with lupus with this new drug (CURE ALL), does anyone have any help or exp. that can guide me?Im suppose to start todaybut im scared to?Would appreciate it if anyone knows first hand how or if HARVONI will be ok? Im on Hydroxicloroquine ive got copd emphesemia and dr says ill be fine.Please help? thanks VEGASGIRL


I’m a little late, but Happy New Year, all :slight_smile:


So its been 3 wks on HARVONI no side effects (that was my biggest fear), so im having blood work next week, I will give update on liver results .Have a great day all my lupus brothers and sisters.......


Hi i too just was diagnosed with hep c low levels. I have had lupus 25 yrs onset was horrible back then but i have beed in remission pretty much since then a few minor flairs but short. Doses of predisone was all that was needed. Now i was having such bad aches i took a full panel and revieled hep c i am so scared im 56 i am 7 months post op of acdf surgery and now this. Please tell me how your outcome has been. And i as well live in vegas so if you could tell me a good hep c dr. I would greatly appreciate that as well. Thank you


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