Hairfall like hell :-(

Don't know whats happening..some times there is no hairfall at all..but some times i cant bear this hair fall..I am loosing all my hair because of this lupus,Wh enever there is hairfall all my heart and mind goes into depression and I cant change this mood for several days together..Is there any solution for this? Or else v patients should suffer like this? I consulted Dermotologist also for this,he told thiis will be the common issue for SLE..

Hi, j.

Sorry to here of this symptom. I know it can be particularly painful for women. I suffer hair loss as well and it does upset me at times, but I am trying to keep in mind that it is small in comparison to my overall health picture. Here is a recent discussion on hair loss I thought you may find helpful. Hopefully others here will also share experiences. Just be sure to discuss any supplements you consider with your doctor before adding to your regimen.


thank you ...

It is common. Very common. Mine stopped finally after being on cellcept for months. My dermatologist recommends men’s rogaine for white women, women’s rogaine for those of color. She also recommends zinc. She said these are the only treatments with real results.

Personally, I got a more flattering, shorter layered haircut. It really helped with making my hair look more full. Which in turn helped to boost my self confidence. I miss my long luscious locks, but they’ll come back when they’re ready.



Nice to hear this from u...Trying to make myself confident...there are many lot many people in this world, I feel this is very small problem when compared with them..