Gut pain

Although I've had a lot of issues and signs for many years, the Lupus diagnosis is fairly recent. Since my diagnosis very little has changed since I started taking Celebrex and Paquinel (spelling?). I have all of the usual severe fatigue that you all talk about but I'm beginning to feel pretty bad. I have regular bouts with severe diarrhea and now my kidneys are acting up. My insides ache and hurt, my legs, ankles and back are constantly aching, I have pain in most of my joints..the worst being in my ankles and back all up and down my spine. Any one of these by themselves would be somewhat bearable but it's all of them everyday head to toe. What I'm blabbering about is the facts that my insides (guts) are hurting. This is kind of a new symptom. I go to my Rheumy Monday. I hope she has some answers other than take this for 3 months and make another appointment. Does anybody else have trouble with their insides hurting?

It could be serositis, its inflamation of lining of organs including the abdomen, it can be quite painful, I have chronic pain across the top of my abdomen, its used to only be on one side now its all the way across on both sides the GI said it was most likely serositis, this is on top of the intestinal vasculitis I already had, I also get ascites from time to time as well. I accept it as just another part of having lupus. You should talk to your rheumy and possibly consult a GI, also just a side note celebrex can cause some of your gastro symptoms too. Hope this helps. take care

Mastic gum works great for gi pain. I have a lot of pain in the gut due to ulcerative colitis and this stuff works wonders. Although not sure if it would help you. Take care, Jeff

I found taking a pro biotic helped with the stomach pains since I was more susceptible to excess bacteria in the stomach and intestines. I use Mobic as a pain reliever which allows me to function much better. Celebrex has a lot of side effects.

Yes I have pain and the diahrea in a daily basis when not on extreme pain killers. I have gotten no good explination and I have to have stomach biopsies every year due to the position of my ulcers and family history of cancer. I hope you can find help

How long have you been on you new medication? I'm on Mobic, Placquanil(sp), and Norco. It took 3 or more months before placquanill helped any. Also Mobic has to build up in your system. If your Rheumatologist doesn't help you with all of your symptoms, find someone else. You need to find out what is causing all of your pain. Good luck and prayers will be with you.