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Great Article on Understanding Someone with Chronic Illness


We thought this article might be useful for some of you to share with friends and family:


Perhaps it will help you explain to the important people in your lives just what you experience with chronic pain.

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I finally just read this and I know exactly what I am going to do with it because it is a great article. I will be printing it out, actually I will be printing out a few copies of it and the first one will go to my Primary Care Doctor.

He completely doesn't get IT. Actually, none of them really do. I had discussed the prospect of disability with him. I have host of medical issues and even have trouble with falling asleep driving if I drive too long. For that, they just gave me another pill to take. Anyway, he told me that it seemed that he didn't really see any reason for disability - other than depression......!

I also have Trigeminal Neuralgia and Sleep Hypoxemia - I was shocked..... I'd like him to walk a mile in my shoes. Trust me, I would love to be able to work as productively as I once could!